Blocked Drains ~ Gold Coast to Tweed Heads

A blocked drain can be quite unsightly and smelly but above all, unhealthy and dangerous to the health of your family. Some things you can hold off, but not a Blocked Drain.

We use the latest Jet Rodder high pressure water technology, which is high pressure water blasted out at 4500 PSI that will unblock your blocked drain and also descale the pipework so any material going down the pipework won’t get stuck and eventuate into another blockage.

This Powerful high pressure water removal system easily clears stubborn blockages, allowing plumbing to stay clear longer. Clears blocked drains even in difficult to reach and concealed areas (like pipes covered with concrete). No expensive digging up necessary!

We understand that this problem needs to be remedied quickly, which is why we give blocked drains priority! With provide a quick response to getting your blocked drain fixed Fast!!

BMB Plumbing only employ experienced, professional plumbers to fix your blocked rains on the Gold Coast to Tweeds Heads. Our blocked drain plumbers are trained to use the Jet Rodding clearing equipment so you can be assured with quality workmanship, quick response and great service every time.

We have serviced a lot of customers over the years with blocked drains on the Gold Coast to Tweed Heads and the usual complaint about other Plumbers from our customers is they “never turn up on time or at all”, “their sloppy with their work and their appearance” and in general “don’t take pride in their work”. BMB Gold Coast Plumbing looks at this as an opportunity.

BMB Plumbing Gold Coast Plumbers pride themselves in being able to offer a complete plumbing solution whatever the type of plumbing job required. We only work the local Gold Coast Plumbing and Tweed Heads Plumbing areas, which means we turn up on time, in uniform and if we happen to be running a bit late as it’s not a perfect world, sometimes jobs take a bit longer than expected, we’ll ring prior to let you know. It’s about offering a respectful service.

Whether it’s a blocked drain or a leaking tap, BMB Plumbing Gold Coast have all the appropriate Licenses and Insurances to give you peace of mind knowing you’re dealing with a true professional.

Call 1300 882 342 and we can be there today!.

Blocked Draims