Hot Water Systems Gold Coast – Repairs, Servicing & Installation

We provide hot water system repairs, servicing and installation to customers throughout the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads. We can provide super quick service to those in the areas surrounding Burleigh Heads, Palm Beach and Currumbin as our head office is located in Palm Beach on the Gold Coast.

It’s easy to take hot water for granted when your water heater is working correctly. Hot showers or relaxing baths are as easy to come by as turning on the faucet. But what about when something goes wrong with your hot water heater? What about when you need to shower for work, for a job interview or even for a first date and your faucet will only give you ice cold water?

We work with the leading brands of hot water system

In the event that your hot water system fails, is leaking or is not holding heat like it should, give us a call at BMB Plumbing. We are experienced in servicing and installing all of the leading brands of hot water system, including:

  • Rheem
  • Rinnai
  • Quantum
  • Dux
  • Vulcan
  • Bosch
  • and others

We have super fast response times for hot water system emergencies. We know how inconvenient and uncomfortable it can be to have no hot water, and we will do everything we can to solve your issue within hours of your first call. To us, broken hot water heaters are an emergency, and we will treat them as such with quick action and superior service.

Versatile Hot Water Solutions

Hot water systems can malfunction for a variety of different reasons and can exhibit numerous distinct symptoms or problems. The most common issue is that the hot water heater simply stops delivering hot water to your shower, sink or bathtub. In other cases, you may find that the water is way too hot or not hot enough. In other situations, you could get hot water for a few minutes, but then find it running out and going cold sooner than usual. In certain severe scenarios, you might draw hot water that is discoloured or has a funny odour, or that your hot water heater itself is leaking, steaming or making weird noises.

At BMB Plumbing, we have experience with handling all of these common water heater problems. We can diagnose the issue, provide a temporary or permanent fix and let you know if the water heater can be salvaged or needs replacing. If a replacement is necessary, we can help you pick out a model, place the order and carry out the installation. Our goal is to get your hot water flowing again as soon as possible—no matter what it takes to see that happen.

Our versatile hot water system repair services also extend to the type of hot water heater you are using. We are knowledgeable about electric, gas and solar hot water heating systems alike, and will be able to provide accurate diagnoses, repairs and advice for each.

Contact us today for a free quotation on your hot water system repair or installation.

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