Burst Pipes or Leaking Pipes ~ Gold Coast to Tweeds Heads

Burst Pipes

Burst pipes and Leaking pipes are a common problem on the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads region. With water rates always on the rise it’s best to get this problem fixed urgently to save your water and money. Leaking pipes, toilets and taps can waste a lot of water, leading to high water bills.

For example, a tap that drips once every second will waste up to 33 litres per day, 231 litres per week, 924 litres per month, 11088 litres per year!. Leaks can also cause structural damage to your property and attract termites.

Checking for leaks regularly and repairing them quickly is a simple way to save water and money. It is good policy for householders to regularly check their water meter to detect leaks early. Not all water leaks are visible.

The main water supply to the home is usually of the plastic poly pipe type and over the years with expansion and contraction, rocks and debris embed themselves into the pipe and cause the pipe to burst or to leak.

We have rectified these leaking pipes many times by detecting exactly where the leak is underground or under concrete so saving us time and your money by getting to the problem quickly and efficiently.

How to detect leaks, what to do if you find a leak and how to prevent leaks.

If you find a leak, turn off your water supply immediately and call 1300 882 342. If you think you may have a leak or would like to check, follow the steps below to read your water meter:

  1. Turn off all taps and water using appliances in and around your premises.
  2. Check your water meter. If the dials on your water meter are moving there could be a leak.
  3. To check further for leaks, do not use any water for at least 30 minutes, then take another reading. If the meter reading has changed, there may be a slow leak.
  4. To fix the leak, check all fixtures and fittings and/or call 1300 882 342.

How can I prevent water leaks?

Preventing leaks in your home could save you money. These are some simple ways to prevent leaks:

  • Don’t plant large trees over pipes that run through your property as their root growth may damage the pipes.
  • Tree roots can cause cracks and leaks in your pool.
  • Inspect your pool for cracks and signs of leaks.
  • Ensure automatic watering systems (e.g. pool top up, irrigation) are regularly checked for leaks.
  • Turn taps off gently to prolong the life of washers.
  • If you have a water hammer problem, install water hammer arrestors. By reducing shock, these help extend the life of your house plumbing.
  • Ensure all renovation work is undertaken by a licensed professional.

Concealed Water Leak Relief – Gold Coast City Council

City of Gold Coast offers relief to customers who have experienced a concealed leak, have had the leak repaired and meet certain eligibility criteria. This means you could be eligible for a discount on your water rates bill if you meet the criteria.

A concealed leak means the leak is hidden. Usually the homeowner doesn’t know of its existence until they receive an abnormally high water usage charge on their GCCC rates notice. It is important that you use a qualified plumber to repair the concealed leak. They will need to take two readings from the water meter to prove to Gold Coast City Council that the leak has been repaired. You will need to provide the plumbers invoice and evidence that the leak was concealed.

There are other important criteria that you will need to meet also. To see if you’re eligible for leakage relief you can contact Gold Coast City Council or visit the Water leaks page on their website.

We have helped many customers in identifying and repairing concealed water leaks and can assist you in the process of applying for concealed water leak relief.

BMB Plumbing Gold Coast have all the appropriate Licenses and Insurances to give you peace of mind knowing you’re dealing with a true professional.

Call 1300 882 342 and we can be there today!