Hot Water Emergency

No one likes to be without Hot Water so when you’re Hot Water System starts to leak or you just don’t have any Hot Water you need it replaced or fixed quickly!

We understand this, which is why we make it a priority for any faulty Hot Water System to be replaced or fixed promptly.

We’ll ask you what your needs are to determine what type of hot water system you require. depending on the size of your home and how many people are using your Hot Water System will determine the type of Hot Water System you require.

We also have water saving devices which we can install to help reduce your water usage and consequently your hot water bill.

We have serviced a lot of customers over the years and the usual complaint about other Plumbers from our customers is they “never turn up on time or at all”, “their sloppy with their work and their appearance” and in general “don’t take pride in their work”. BMB Gold Coast Plumbing looks at this as an opportunity.

BMB Plumbing Gold Coast Plumbers pride themselves in being able to offer a complete plumbing solution whatever the type of plumbing job required. We only work the local Gold Coast Plumbing and Tweed Heads Plumbing area which means we turn up on time, in uniform and if we happen to be running a bit late as it’s not a perfect world, sometimes jobs take a bit longer than expected, we’ll ring prior to let you know. It’s about offering a respectful service.

Whether it’s a leaking Hot Water Unit, plumbing renovations on your new home extension, blocked drain or a leaking tap, BMB Plumbing Gold Coast have all the appropriate Licenses and Insurances to give you peace of mind to know you’re dealing with a true professional.

BMB Plumbing has a range of Hot Water Systems for your needs. From a 60 litre under bench Hot Water System to a 400 litre Solar Hot Water System or Heat Pump. Call 1300 882 342 and we can arrange to be there today!

Emergency Hot Water Repairs